Jane Doe's Story

February 1, 2019

Where am I headed? Is my life really worth it?

I am seeking answers for myself and in seeking I am opening myself up to the possibility of change.

I believe that I am worth the work it takes to have a fulfilling life. I just don’t know how I plan to have that look. I don’t know what will work for me in a fulfilled life.

I often wonder what my days will look like? Will I feel that deep seated joy more often?

I’m starting to wonder why I am even in this job. There is no fulfillment no joy, no peace, no comfort, none of the things I want in my life.

And it takes me away from my son, and the time I want to spend on things that make me happy.

I am finding this harshness is something that comes from not being where I want to be. I feel like the core of who I am is missing in my day and I wish I knew how to bring it back.

I think when I was younger I lived from my core, before I learned what it means to hit rock bottom. I believe at one time that I was a confident happy kiddo, before I was taught to hate myself and my body.

And I want that core self back, here’s hoping I can find it or rebuild a new one.