Jane Doe's Story

February 8, 2019

I’m having a hard time comunicating today. it seems that people are almost intentionally saying and doing things that piss me off. On top of that I’ve really lost all interest in actually working on anything work related. All I want to do is curl up in the corner and blog, run my numbers and push the details of what it takes to do this for you my reader.

But that’s not what you are here to read about huh?

Tomorrow I have another appointment with the shrink, and I’m kinda nervous about it. Last time we talked about the whole “telling your story for the last time” and I know I need to get it out there, but I also don’t know that I can tell it to someone else face to face.

Plus I’m physically uncomfortable in that office, the chairs are just un-real and stiff and I’m sure it’s so people don’t get too comfy, but with out some comfort it is a challenge to relax enough to let my guard down.

So I will likely focus on talking about burn out, I think I’ve burnt out at work, and as a Mom and wife. I just don’t feel that joy I expected or that connection that I used to with others. This would be so much easier if I felt like my husband at least got it but nope, all he does is tell me to get up and move more. 😛

I was reading Mommy Burnout earlier today and it really resonated with me. You could check it out if you want.