Jane Doe's Story

Getting Started, thoughts and theories to ponder.

There are alot of things in life that are confusing, scarry and even disorienting, but knowing who you are shouldn’t be one of them.

If you are looking for a site that tells you “no matter what happens, or what you’ve been throuhg everything will be all right” please keep looking. Because I don’t belive all endings are happy. Life is messy, it can be hard and while I belive it is worth it, I don’t belive that life will be “all right” or “perfect” if you have faced the kinds of trauma I have. Walking through this path has consequences.

And while I do belive any situation can get better, I don’t belive it will unless someone changes something. And even if we go through all this work and gte out of the worst situations a human can live though doesn’t mean that we won’t have life long strugles with our mental health, physical health and maintaining healthy relationships among other things.

The good news is that living with trauma or abuse does not have to limit our enjoyment of life. I belive strongly that those who have survivied have an inherint strength that can help them build a better life. One that has moments of peace, and joy, and true happieness no one can take away from you.

The challenge is finding that path that will work best for you, and understanding that you may still see the bruises and scars from the bad parts of life and learning how to work around them.

When we’ve faced something traumatic or even lived a life that burries who we are beneath shame, fear and gilt it can be very challenging to find out what “living a good life” means for us. Who are we in light of this loss or event, or even life changing trauma? For myself I have spent almost a decade punishing myself for the loss of my first pregnancy. It wasn’t a path I chose (either to get pregnant or to loose the baby) and yet I blamed myself for how I handeld this option. And by the time I was ready to move past the self punishment I was stuck in a rut with no idea how to change my direction.

I am now pursuing a choice that is more true to who I am because I had the courage to STOP and assess my situation, then climb out of the rut and set a new course.

In the process of this course change I’ve made some rather significant discoveries about myself. The biggest one being my own inner strength and value as a human being. As I fight to re-discover other wonderful things about myself and other survivors I hope you will join me. Not just in reading about my journey, but in discovering your own strength and inherent value.

I can’t wait to see the beautiful life you design, and I’m excited to be moving into my own version.