Jane Doe's Story

January 28, 2019

*Note Names and locations have been changed to protect my privacy and the privacy of my family.*

So I saw my new Therapist a couple times now. The biggest thing he’s advised is that I should “Tell my story for the last time”. I’m freaking out over this.

I don’t know that I can, the whole background/history of my story is to say the least embarasing! I don’t want to face someone and tell them … “this is what happened to me”.

But I’m having melt downs, and freak outs, and panic attacks, and it’s getting worse not better.

I know I need to do something, but I don’t know that I can face this fear. I don’t know that my story is worth being told. I don’t know that I’m worth being saved.

And I have until Feburary 9th, to decide what I’m going to do.